What exactly is Luminescence?

Dr. Aloke Verma

Assistant Professor: Department of Physics
Kalinga University, Naya Raipur (C.G.)

Luminescence is the natural emission of light by a matter that is not caused by heat or cold light. From the radiation of a cold body, this is a very simple process. It will be worked on some physical and chemical phenomena such as chemical reaction, electrical energy, and motion of subatomic particles in the presence of a pressor on a crystal at some point. It will be contrasted with incandescence, which shows the emission of light in the presence of heat or radiation by a substance.

Luminescence comes in a wide range of forms, including the following:

  1. Bioluminescence
  2. Candoluminescence
  3. Cathodoluminescence
  4. Chemiluminescence
  5. Cryoluminescence
  6. Crystalloluminescence
  7. Electrochemiluminescence
  8. Electroluminescence
  9. Fluorescence
  10. Fractoluminescence
  11. Lyoluminescence
  12. Mechanoluminescence
  13. Phosphorescence
  14. Photoluminescence
  15. Piezoluminescence
  16. Radioluminescence
  17. Sonoluminescence
  18. Thermoluminescence
  19. Triboluminescence

The above-mentioned types show the class and significance of it. There are currently numerous works done on this type of material, as well as publishing of very broad research articles.

Above mentioned materials are creating history in science. Recently widely being used in the synthesis and characterization of new types of electronic equipment and facilitates in reduction of carbon footprint.

Presently, the Raipur group of researchers is working on this type of material and finding new milestones in this area. For the synthesis of these types of materials are various methods are being used like sol-gel method, ball milling method, chemical vapor deposition method, physical vapor deposition method, a sputtering method, and many more methods. Similarly, for characterization, if these types of materials methods being used are XRD, SEM, UV-Vis, Raman, FT-IR, and more.

Kalinga University is also providing the facilities and lab to work on luminescence.

Finally, the intention is to make our life comfortable, beautiful, and joyful.

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