What is Advertising

What is Advertising

Advertising is  marketing that involves paying for space to promote a product, service, or goal. Real promotional messages are called ads. The purpose of advertising is to reach out the valuable customers who may be Interested to pay for the products or services to attract the customer by purchasing the products and services.

Advertising plays an important role in today’s world. Advertising is one thing that has become a very important part for everyone in their today’s life, be it a manufacturer, retailer, customer or public advertising .advertisement is for everyone, whoever is ready to see and who ever is ready to show advertising is their right to show case there products and services.

A Good advertising planning will roll out the word about your products and services & attract the customers and increase your sales. Whether you are trying to attract the new customers to buy your product or service, with the help of advertisement they have lots of option to choose from


methods or tactics

External marketing is a good way of advertising makes it reach important customers

Print the ad

Once you become a major commercial driver, printing takes the back seat of many digital advertising systems now available to retailers

  • Occasional Advertising
  • Brochures, pamphlets, flyers, handouts, and Point-of-Sale Advertising
  • Direct Mail Marketing


Online Advertising (aka Digital)

  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn advertising


Cell Phone & Mobile Advertising

Broadcast Advertising

Advertising for Public Servants

Product Placement Advertising


Consumer advertising

Imagine a television, newspaper or radio without an advertisement. can you imagine that No, no one can think about it why cause an advertisement kept you more updated about the new products and services. that’s the main quality of Advertising, it increases the role of ad! to the lives of consumers. Customers are people who buy a product WHEN They are UPDATED ABOUT THE PRODUCT THAT THE PRODUCT AND the Service IS available in the market. If a product is not shown or advertised, no buddy will take interest to buy that product because they don’t have trust about that product whether it is beneficial for them or not. That’s why advertising is important for the customers.


Advertising is important for the business

Yes, advertising plays important role for the manufacturer and business person of products, because

 Advertisement helps to grow their business

 Advertisement helps manufacturer and business person to know their challenges and to do their planning accordingly.

If anyone wants to launch their new product to the market, advertising will make the world aware of the product. Advertising helps to make people aware of a new product so that consumers can come and try the product.

Public advertising

Advertising helps educate people. There are certain social and advertising issues related to child abuse, alcohol abuse, murder of girls, family tree study, etc. that’s the thing where advertising is plays big role in society.



Advertising :- Daniel Yadin, Frank Jefkins School of Public Relations & Frank Jefkins, Frank Jefkins School of Public



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