Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is a concept which is well known by everyone. Everyone around the globe has some or the other perception regarding the same, but the question is, are their lenses clear? The answer to this question is the knowledge of Women Empowerment. What is women empowerment? What does it mean? What does it provide to women and how it affects them as well as their environment?

Firstly what is women empowerment and what actually it means; Women Empowerment in simplest term is the right of women to actively participate in the decision making process. This right provides an opportunity of choice, an opportunity of raising a voice, an opportunity to be heard; in general an opportunity to stand equal with the opposite gender. This right was not possible in earlier days when women were not even considered as the member or part of society, but in today’s scenario with the boost in literacy rate and guidance women have become a part of not just society instead they have become an integral part of every sector of the society. Our government itself marks the mandatory existence of women in every sector. 

Though women are anticipated with this right but still they are not completely gratified. The reason is not the women themselves, the reason stands in the eyes and gestures of few people who have not fully accepted this change. According to few people women should not be anticipated with such right or power, the reason can be numerous which stands ethical in their perception. Those people you will not just find in offices or in some other professional institutes, they are also available in our families; may be brother or father or spouse or sometimes a mother. The idea is not to criticize or talk against anyone; it is all about the acceptance and to enable the women to completely gratify the right.

In the current scenario with the presence of such right it is necessary to understand that women empowerment is not made for underestimating the opposite gender or comparing both the genders rather it will be beneficial to make women grow in their own areas for their own benefit and economical benefit of the society, and my urge is to provide them that acceptance and environment in which they can grow, breathe and gratify. By:

Akanksha Gardia

Assistant Professor- Department of Commerce & Management

Kalinga University

Email ID: akanksha.gardia@kalingauniversity.ac.in

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