Women Entrepreneurship: Problems and Challenges

Dr. Ruchi Gupta

Commerce and Management Department

Women are now a day’s playing a vital role in the world of business. They are also taking part in trade, industry, and engineering. Women Entrepreneurs means a group of women who commence, cooperate, and set up in business with their ideas. In the entrepreneurial stage, women are having the ability to change direction, universal market challenges, and also to be competitive enough to maintain and seek for being superior. She makes different designs and carries out a task within her guidance and control.

At the same time, women have to face many problems for operating the enterprise. The basic problem is the lack of finance. They deteriorate from insufficient finance and working capital. They are unable to get loans from the banks due to the difficult process of loans. They also find a problem in marketing of the product and becoming popular. A male person always dominates women in marketing as female depends upon middlemen for this, who capture a huge portion of the profit. Apart from these, there is also a problem of deficiency of raw materials and tight competition. Women are not getting the required amount of raw material for manufacturing in an adequate bulk and feature. Due to the tight competition given by men, a woman has to fight with competition from organizations and industry.

Because of the playing different activities by women, there is a limited ability of managerial work among females. Women are also not been provided with professional training in entrepreneurship to organize a business. For being facing up these many problems, they have to face challenges also. India is a male-dominated country; therefore, women are not been taken seriously in the business. Their work has been taken as a hobby. People look at them from biased eyes. Their advice for business and work done by them are not given any importance. These all things are very disgusting for women. Women have to put aside their fear related to failure, fear of risk, etc and step forward for their function also have to give importance to their battle and potential. It has been always learned out by the family for women that always to be pleased, to be a good person and underestimating by others for their products or services. They should realize others for being too getting important for it.

A major challenge faced by women is that they are wearing different hats in their personal lives. Therefore they have to struggle a lot in their work. But still, they should not underestimate themselves. Presently Women are the most strengthened thought of the world economic development. They have the capacity and potential to change the world through their magic in entrepreneurship. Now women are putting shoulder to shoulder with men for the success of the nation.

Keywords: Women entrepreneurship, problems, Challenges, Entrepreneur, professional training.






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